HyVee vs Super Walmart

I had to report this finding to everyone because it so disgusted me.

I like to have Alouette with my Triscuits. It is something that a friend of mine started down in Florida – she shared it with me and I was hooked.

I bought Triscuits from Super Walmart last week but could not find the Alouette. I meant to stop by last night on the way to work to look again but ran behind on time so didn’t.

This morning I decided to make a quick trip to HyVee to get it figuring how much more expensive could HyVee be over Super Walmart?

Well, at HyVee it cost $6.48 per tub. I would never pay that and couldn’t believe they would even suggest such a price so I went to Super Walmart to see if I could find it.

I found it right away because I remembered where I had gotten it last time. The price? $3.48 – a whole $3 cheaper per tub than HyVee. I bought four tubs to last all month – a price that would have been $25.92 at HyVee! At Super Walmart it was, of course, $13.92.

I’m afraid I just can’t afford the luxury of shopping at HyVee any longer. I like their store so much better than Super Walmart but their prices are ridiculous.

Those who know me know I absolutely hate the Super Walmart in Coralville – it has to be one of the worse stores I’ve every been in. However, I will put aside my intense dislike when it saves me this kind of money.

The only thing I can’t see myself buying at the Super Walmart is their meat – their selection stinks. But rather than pay the HyVee prices, I will go to Fareway instead.

HyVee, I’m so disappointed in you. I’ve shopped at your chain most of my life – I was a loyal customer until your prices became so absurdly outlandish that I can’t ignore them anymore. {sigh}


2 thoughts on “HyVee vs Super Walmart

  1. You shouldve told Hy-Vee Wal-Marts price they would’ve gave it to you for that price. Also I think if you do a price check you’ll find the about 90% of your groc. Are cheaper at Hy-Vee. Check the sizes as well, I know from experience Wal mart might demand a smaller bag from their supplier, thus the price difference. Check Hershey’s kisses, hyvees bag is bigger.

  2. yeah well Walmart will do anything to get your service hints why we price match. You don’t even really have to bring the ad as long as you know the size, the price, and the location of the ad. Then just wait until you check out the price is right when you notice you could of spent 15 to 30 dollars more depending on how much you price match. Just as long as you check the date of the ads, and you don’t store price. Price matching is only with ads.

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