Nothing to drink

I am pissed at myself because I stopped at the store on the way home and didn’t buy any milk so I am at home with nothing to drink but beer or vodka…neither of which sounds good at all.  I want a glass of milk – a full glass of cold milk.

I could make coffee – that would be something to drink though it would keep me awake for way too long and I’m hoping to get to bed by 3am – or at the latest 4am…  Right now I am watching “Mixed Nuts” which is really quite silly but it is a Christmas movie so really have no choice.  I watch it every Christmas.

Anyway, I really want something to drink – I wanted a wine cooler but I couldn’t find them in Hy Vee (NO! They are not with the wine or beer…how stupid is that??) so couldn’t get any.  I could have hunted down a store employee but I was carrying a heavy thing of Tidy Cat so didn’t feel like walking all over hell and back to do that.  Now I kind of wish I would have.  Where do you suppose they have it?

They had little bottles of wine by the large bottles of wine – I thought they were the wine coolers but they weren’t, they were just small “personal” size bottles of wine.  I was so craving a Bartles and James Pina Colada wine cooler.  Oh well.

I did get a steak and some potatoes – ate when I got home – it was disappointing to say the least.  

Oh this stupid system is saying I’m logged out even though I’m logged on – sometimes computers really test my patience.


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