So my doctor called me today at work…yes, the doctor, not her nurse which I happen to feel is never a good sign.  We went over the blood test results from them taking blood last week.  Apparently everything is askew and she feels I’m diabetic but not to the point yet where I need medicine.  I think that means I’m “pre” diabetic but since I really have no knowledge of this type of thing, that is only my guess.

Rather than going on medicine, my doctor wants me to take the classes on being diabetic and controlling it through diet.  My sister and her husband went through these classes last month when he found out he was diabetic.  He started eating what they told him and he started losing weight however, I guess he is starting to get tired of the diet and is eating more of the things he shouldn’t be again.

I can’t swear it is something I would stick to but I do know I have to give up salt for sure and that is going to be very damn hard.  I already gave up soda – not that it made a bit of difference in my weight like everyone thought it would.  I drank diet soda so I didn’t figure I would see a big drop but a small one would have been welcome.

I try to do spin classes 3 times a week – my personal trainer told me I wouldn’t lose weight as fast as if I did Body Pump but I don’t like that class as well as I like spinning.  I think I could just lift weights on my own rather than going to a class but I will keep going to it because I want to lose weight.  It hurts my neck though so that isn’t good.

I don’t know the answers – I am sick of the whole thing and want to hibernate.  I’m supposed to visit with family tomorrow afternoon but I must say, I don’t feel like it but I will go anyway.  It isn’t that I don’t want to see them, I do, I’m just kind of blue and a bit down so want to close myself off from the world for a few days.


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