Sisters plus 1

Went out with my three older sisters and one of my nieces for supper tonight.  I invited one of my other nieces but she couldn’t come – it would have been nice to see her.  It was enjoyable and comical kind of because we all had health news to share.  We all had to agree, getting older sucks.

I left them and went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription – they only had one ready so I told them I’d pick up the other two tomorrow.  I got home and had an email from them saying they were ready to be picked up now – go figure.  I only plan on getting out once tomorrow – in that one trip, I plan to hit the gym, get my prescriptions, go to the laundromat and hit the store.  Then I will be home for the day and finish cleaning.  Have I mentioned lately how much I hate this apartment?

Well keeping the lights on has helped with my moods – I’ve seen a big improvement.  I do believe if I get sun lamps I will see even greater results so will look into getting that.  I can’t wait to go to nights – really, it will be nice to get away from the tension of evenings.

Came home and started some cleaning then walked the dogs.  It is 1:30 in the morning now and I’m leaning towards bed but probably won’t go yet.  I’m actually craving coffee but will resist that temptation too.  Would drink some tea if I had any but I don’t.

My christmas trees are blinking and look lovely, if I do say so myself.  I was rather disappointed that Panera wasn’t decorated for Christmas.  My one sister said they are too expensive for no more than you get which I would have to agree on.  One other sister said they drowned too many onions in the potato soup which I didn’t think so but I thought they went overboard on the salt. 

I must confess, I came home and ate a raw potato coated in salt.  I am going to pour the salt out – it is going to kill me to do so but if I have it in the house I will eat it and salt food.  Someone said once that sea salt wasn’t bad for you – does anyone know if that is true?  I don’t care much for it but could learn to like it faster than artificial salt.

No doubt my real butter will have to become history too – how sad.  However, one of my older sisters has to give herself insulin shots four times a day so I guess if I can avoid that by eating right then I will make the effort.  I’ve been telling myself that I quit drinking soda so I can quit eating salt.


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