Not feeling it…

I know, I know…people are tired of hearing me complain about health, headaches, and everything in between and I can’t say I blame you.  However, it is my blog so I guess I will write whatever I feel like…

I am watching “Croc” with Michael Madson.  Now, I know I have commented on this movie many times in the past – it is about a huge crocodile that preys on a small island of people.  Madson, of course, kills it in the end.  Oops, it is over so now I can’t talk about it.

So now I am streaming “Volcano” with Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche.  I like both of these actors and it is always a joy to see one of our big cities go up in flames – on tv, folks, not in real life.

I think I would love California if I could find a nice little suburb away from the big cities.  Well, not too far away from them but somewhat out of the major mess of things.  It is a beautiful state and would be ideal if there weren’t so many people there.  LOL.

I forgot how much I liked this movie.  Why doesn’t Anne Heche do more movies? She is so pretty and such a good actress.   Tommy looks quite wonderful in his jeans too…  🙂

Oh well…I have no desire to write anymore so guess I’ll stop…


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