Was out walking the dogs when the sky began rumbling as if a herd of elephants were scurrying across the clouds.  It was already sprinkling when I headed out the door but weight of the elephants must have shook the moisture loose for it started to pour.  Both dogs are soaked – I was wearing a raincoat so while it is drenched, I am, for the most part, dry.

The rain is supposed to turn to ice and snow later this evening while I am at work.  This means, of course, that I have to leave the dogs out of their kennel because I might have to do a double at work and refuse to have them locked up that long in such a small space.  If the weather turns bad, the dispatcher who lives in Washington might not be able to make it in which means I would have to stay unless the other evening dispatcher wants to.

I also will have to worry about driving home at 11pm if she does make it in.  Luckily there isn’t a lot of other traffic out that time of night to worry about smacking into on the ice but it still worries me.  I hate driving in inclement weather – always have.

Tomorrow is supposed to be bad as well.  I work with a different coworker who also lives here in NL so maybe I will see if I can catch a ride with her as she has a jeep.  My little car slips and slides around so much – though hopefully the sanders will be out but  my bet is they will want to wait till the snow is done before coming out to clean off the streets.


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