I would like to say this month is flying by but it seems like it is dragging to me – which is not much fun.

I know the reason is so many other things are happening around the first of the year that I’m anxious for December to wind down.  I pretty much am done shopping – haven’t much else to do but wait for Christmas.  My tree, I’ve decided, is going to stay up maybe as late as my birthday.    It is so beautiful – I really love it.

The 26th I change shifts – can’t wait to do that too.  I want to get into a new routine and start working on all the things my new position entails.   I also think 2011 is going to be a great year.  My son gets his license back – thank goodness!!! – it has been a very long time.  I’m expecting to see more of him when he can drive and maybe do more things together.

I hope to take at least one vacation next year plus get to my ideal weight.  I plan on getting out of debt and start saving money towards buying a house.  Of course, that also rests on if my son gets married as I would like to help them with a fun honeymoon somewhere they’d both enjoy like a cruise or trip to NY.

Well, it must be bedtime because I’m falling asleep writing this.  It is after 3am so guess it is about that time.


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