Quite bone weary

So I had spin this morning and while I didn’t push myself too hard, it was enough to make my muscles ache. Yesterday I had so much energy and today I was dog tired and dragging.  I suppose some of it is not drinking enough fluids after sweating so much at spin.

I was supposed to go meet my son but we ended up postponing it for several reasons.  Instead I have been cleaning and watching Netflix. 

My arms and neck are very sore tonight – oh, probably from lifting weights at the gym…just thought of that.  I just ache all over and have a whopper of a headache.  I took my last muscle relaxer a bit ago along with some Advil – I hope that helps.

I broke the vacuum cleaner once again – I swear to god this is the worst vacuum cleaner I have ever owned.  This will be the third time in a year that I will have to put a new belt on it.  The last one was only a couple months ago.

OK – I have to pause here to complain once again about Friday the 13th.  Why would you get the upper hand on a killer, get them down and semi-conscious, and then run away??? No one in their right mind would – they would tie the killer up or kill them but no, this chick gets Mrs Voorhees down at least four times and runs away instead of finishing her off.  Makes no damn sense whatsoever.  If she was my daughter and she managed to survive, I’d beat her ass for being too stupid for words. 

OK, make that five times…its a good thing this chick dies in the sequel – she survives the first one out of pure luck.  What a moron.  I hate when they make the chicks in these slasher flicks so stupid.


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