So the mini-vacations I want to plan for this next year are just little things that I think would be fun:

  • I want to do Ely, MN so that I can see the National Bear Center and the International Wolf Center.  Then from Ely I would drive down to Minneapolis so I could see the zoo there before heading back home.  I figure this trip would take me four to five days.
  • I want to go over to Fall Creek Falls and stay a couple days at one of their fisherman cottages on the lake.  I’d hike to the waterfalls and spend evenings by the fireplace.  I would like four days to do this.
  • I want to take a long weekend and go see my niece in Milwaukee.  Also would want to see the zoo there and other things Milwaukee offers.  This would be a 3 day trip.
  • Want to take a day trip to Des Moines to the zoo
  • Would like to take a 2 day trip to Omaha to their zoo

I would like to take two longer vacations but know I won’t get them both in this year:

  • Colorado for a week or so – hiking and seeing the sights
  • San Diego zoo – probably would drive over to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and then take a day drive over to the zoo.  I’d need ten days to two weeks to do this one.

I would like my son to go with me – and his girlfriend if she’d like – so they could help drive and what not.  I know he won’t want to go on all of them but I think the last one he would for sure.  Maybe we will do a 3 day weekend in Chicago too so I can see that zoo and hit the museums.  🙂

See, I always have great mini-vacation ideas but actually getting to go to any of them has been impossible.  I’ve been back going on 3 years now…THREE…and I still haven’t done a single one.  Blah!!!


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