Oh Christmas Tree

My Christmas tree looks so pretty all lit up tonight – I wish I could leave it up all year long but I need the space.  I’m happy the way the dogs have left it alone too – Isabel has had some difficulty not trying to pull down the bulbs but after a few reminders she has left it alone as well.  She likes to lie under it but I won’t let her do that either because then the dogs think they can.

Put more water in the aqaurium – amazing how much quieter it is when it is full.  Also started cleaning a bit and cleaned out the refrigerator.  It is only 1 am but I am starting to think maybe I should go to bed.  I’m tired enough to try to get some sleep.

I am suppose to be taking my son on his final Christmas shopping spree tomorrow – I hope it doesn’t snow.  They said there is a 50% chance of snow but I am hoping it will pass us by.   This cold air coming in on the back of my neck is making me mad.  I put the heat on and everything but it is still pouring in.  I have to get window stuff tomorrow but it is so expensive.  I have two large windows to do.

I need to buy some wrapping paper for the few measly presents I have to wrap.  Such a bummer of a Christmas after last years big wonderful one.  Oh well – one can only do what they can do.


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