I know this is going to sound ridiculous and farfetched – but today I gave up meat.  Will it last, I won’t swear to it but I am going to make a very big effort for it to.  You, undoubtedly, want to know why so let me explain.

I have been cooking a roast for hours.  What a mess it made of the kitchen because the electric skillet leaks but that is beyond the point.  Roast has always been my favorite meal – I love the stuff.

OK, at one point I was cleaning up and I looked in the skillet at my nicely browning meat when a thought hit me that made me cringe – that used to be a cow.  I look at it now and I can’t eat it, it makes me gag when I try. 

So I sat down on the couch and wondered what was wrong with me that I was suddenly repulsed by my favorite meat.  As I sat there puzzling it out, I glanced up and my eyes fell on my polar bear calendar.  A mother polar bear is sitting in the snow with her baby looking at me.  Something inside me clicked and made me decide that I want to make less of an ecological footprint.

I love animals, I don’t want to eat them.  I love the ocean, why would I want to eat its inhabitants? Yes, I know, because they taste good.  I don’t know – it just isn’t a good enough reason anymore. 

I’m going to do some reading on adopting a vegetarian lifestyle – of being more environmentally friendly – who knows, maybe I’ll get healthy in the process.  I gave up soda, am doing pretty well at giving up salt, so why not meat too?

Wish me luck.


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