The Cellar

So I started and read the book “The Cellar” by Richard Laymon tonight.  Many reviews said the book was disturbing and scary.  It wasn’t bad – I will say that…it could have been better but it could have been worse too.

The book is about an old Victorian house that has a history of people getting murdered in it.  Some wayward strangers go into the house at night intent on killing “the Beast” who lives inside. 

According to Barnes and Nobel, it is a three book series with “Beast House” being the next one.  I imagine I will read it but I am also going to wait awhile as I want to let the story marinate some.  The ending was not what I expected – I mean, it was but it wasn’t.  I expected all the people to die because if they escaped, how could there be two more books? The things that happened to them would have brought a lynching party back to the house. 

However, I forgot something that was key to the whole book – strewn through the whole book from beginning to end.  What was that one thing? Yep, that thing that sells and everyone seems to think is worth so much – sex.  OK, not just sex but procreation.  Yeah…if you keep that in mind as you go through the book, you can ultimately guess the outcome.

Oh well – I have read better and it was NOWHERE near the quality of Terminal Freeze or Relic so that was disappointing.  Not for the weak of stomach and not one I would recommend to most people.


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