Well, I didn’t hear back from my coworker regarding a black bean and rice recipe so I decided to try my hand with it anyway but it was quite disappointing.  I used brown rice, black beans, pinto beans, tomatoes with green chilis, and corn.  It wasn’t what I expected though I have to admit, the dogs loved it.

Right now there is nothing in the house to eat other than bread – no peanut butter though.  I have a can of bean soup which is what I had for breakfast today so didn’t want it for supper.  I will probably take that last can to work tomorrow.  I know I need to get groceries but I really don’t want to.  I’m tired of keeping food I don’t eat in the house so I’m going to stop buying a lot of crap with the thought that I might need it sometime during the month. 

I think I’m going to have to start stopping at the store more to pick up stuff every couple days rather than once a month – produce doesn’t last all month.  This is my 3rd day meat free – I have so much to learn.  While I know it sounds impossible, but when I go to the produce section there are things there that I can’t identify and wouldn’t begin to know how to eat.  Yes, that is laughable but true just the same.  I also don’t know which avocados are the best – they have mexican ones, central america ones, and domestically grown ones.  Do they have different tastes?

My son had to explain onions to me – how sad is that? I asked him why he usually used the white ones instead of the others.  Now I use mostly the white ones too – sometimes I get a yellow one but never a purple one.  Gary, my last ex, is the one who showed me how to eat avocados – I love the things now but I can’t remember what kind he bought.  I know there were ones he said to stay away from but oh well – I grab a few and usually I do fine.

I love steamed broccoli – maybe I’ll have to buy one of those steamer bags of it so I can steam it in the microwave at work tomorrow.  I’m trying to watch my sodium intake too.  I was so very disappointed in Hardees today – they only have a small side salad rather than a salad entrée.  I bought two small side salads and a lemonade, it cost me as much as a bowl of soup and coffee at Panera…plus I would have liked the soup better.  LOL

I know, I know, quit complaining – I’m the one who made the decisions to give up salt, soda and meat so I have to not think about it so much.  I accidentally bought the regular coffee creamer instead of the sugar free – it is good stuff but I’m lactose intolerant sometimes and the regular stuff bothers my stomach.  I’ve noticed I haven’t had as many problems with milk since I switched back to skim.  Arg! This trying to get healthy sure is aggravating!!!


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