Happy Christmas Eve

I hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve! It is snowing here in Iowa so we will have a white one for sure.  Just this morning while walking the dogs I was bemoaning how the grass was beginning to show through the snow – I think it always looks like the snow needs to shave when I see this – it also reminds me that I didn’t shave my legs today.  However, now the snow is deep enough again to hide the snows five o’clock shadow.

It is 2 am and I am considering going to bed.  Last night I didn’t get to bed till an ungodly hour (this morning really) and then I didn’t sleep well at all.  I am a bit tired now and should go to bed…but then I will just have to get up and get ready for work again.  Not that I mind going to work but the daylight hours go by so fast I don’t feel like I get a thing done in the mornings.  Hopefully that will change when I switch shifts.

Anyway – it is Christmas Eve – hope everyone enjoys it.  Be safe – remember, it’s a jungle out there.


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