The blahs

I kind of have the blahs today though I have to say, it was wonderful not having an alarm to get up to for the first time in ages! I slept as late as the dogs would allow and it felt great! 

Tonight I start my first nights on night shift.  I am not dreading it – on the contrary, I think it will be interesting.  I do hate leaving second shift though too because of the people I was working with.  However, we will still see each other so that will be good.  Plus I get free parking and the shift differential so that will be nice.

The blahs are more because Christmas is over – I am taking down my tree and all of that which I normally don’t do until New Year’s Eve but Isabel almost knocked it over again so don’t want to mess with it anymore.  I caught it before it went over so nothing broke but I get tired of her thinking it is a real tree for her to climb – you’d think she’d remember after the first time but she didn’t.  That it came toppling over on her when she jumped on it has freaked her out enough that she is hiding in the bedroom. 

The house needs cleaned and I was all hyped to do that plus laundry when I realized it is Sunday which means Fareway is not open.  This means I won’t be doing laundry today because I’m out of laundry soap and refuse to drive all the way into HyVee or Walmart for just that.  Granted, I could probably buy a few other things as well but I don’t feel like it just the same.  From now on, these trips are best made either on my way to work, on my way home or on my days off.  I’m done driving in twice in one day – it wastes too much gas.

I know I will be thrilled when the house is clean – but I don’t feel like doing it.  I really need to get a dishwasher – that is my big goal for this next year.  Either I want a new apt that has one or I want a portable.

Well, anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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