Bad Blood

Started this book last night at work and just finished it a few minutes ago – it is by John Sanford.  I do like his Virgil Flowers character and most of the time I do like the plot line but this was not one of those times.

The book is about a young man who kills someone, then is killed by someone who is then also killed by someone.  Virgil comes in to investigate and realizes that there is a bigger issue than murder in this case.  He comes across a ring of child abusers – men who pass around their wives and children to each other at parties.  Fathers, grandfathers, etc., who think it is perfectly sane to “break the girls in” after they have their first periods.   It was quite disgusting and I can’t believe how someone can come up with this stuff without being a little sick themselves.  How can a writer write this stuff without feeling dirty, grossed out and tossing their cookies on a regular basis? Way gross.

In the end, on of the women kills both her husband and father for what they have done to her and her two daughters.  I applauded her but had to wonder what took her so long to come to that decision. 

I’m afraid this isn’t a book I would recommend to most people due to the yucky content.  I had to skip over some parts because it bothered me too much – even though John didn’t get too graphic but graphic enough that it made my stomach churn.  God, that someone could do such things to children is just beyond me…what a sick fucking world we live in.


One thought on “Bad Blood

  1. the same could be said for Dean Koontz and Stephen King.
    Sick minds writing sick books?
    Or just great imaginiations?

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