Ghost and the Darkness

I have to say, I am watching this movie and it is quite funny to watch Baxter’s reaction to it.  Bennie is not an observant or interested fellow when it comes to the television but Baxter, he watches it.

The baboon scene when they tie it up as bait for the lions and the baboon screeches a lot had Baxter going crazy.  I don’t know if the screeches hurt his ears or just agitated him – he kept running around in  the living room looking for somewhere to hide.  The lion bursts on the scene, Baxter jumped onto my chest – I’m not sure whether it was to save me or to be saved.

He is sitting here beside me now watching the screen with keen interest.  He wouldn’t leave my lap until the first lion was dead – now he is waiting for them to kill the second one. 

When he jumped on my chest his little heart was just racing.  Usually he reacts with yearning when he hears the ocean or seagulls….well, ok, maybe it is me yearning but he definitely perks up when he hears them.

The second lion is roaring and Baxter keeps looking at me questioningly.  Oh! He just jumped on my chest again because the lion roared and came up out  from under the railroad bridge at Val Kilmer (who, I must say, is quite handsome in this movie).  Damn those lions are beautiful.

Baxter is part Pekingese – coined the lion look-a-likes.  He does have quite a mane on him when I let his hair grow out.   I told him one of these days I would take him to the Field Museum in Chicago so he can see the lions from the movie.  LOL


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