Well, the kitchen looks good – I knew it would be nice to see it clean.  It would be great if I had something in the house to eat or drink but everything is decidedly bare.  When I went to bed this morning, I knew I would wake up and wish I had gone to the store before coming home.

However, I stopped at Perkins on the way home to read on the book while eating breakfast and then didn’t want to go grocery shopping after that.  I used the excuse that the dogs had been in the kennel long enough but really, I didn’t feel like it. 

Got home and finished the book by a little after 9 am – as stated in my previous post, I had to stay up long enough to write about it.  Managed to make it to bed a little after 10 but tossed and turned until a little after 11 am.  Finally dozed off only to wake up again around 1 pm and then again at 2:45.  I got up at 4:30 because I wasn’t getting anywhere trying to sleep.

It is now 6:20 pm and I wish I could go back to sleep but I can’t so I am up for the duration.  Tomorrow is my day off – I’ll be off work at 7 am, go to the store and then come home to go to bed.  Yep, that will be my exciting day off.

Am not sure what I will do now – am thinking I will head into town early to get something to eat before work.  Most places downtown will be closed long before I get there so I need to eat before then.  Yesterday all I ate the entire day was a slice of lasagna so by the time I got off work, I was starving.  Now, almost 12 hours later, I’m hungry again.

Really wish I had coffee or hot tea to drink – a glass of milk would be nice too.


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