What the Night Knows

I started this book last night at work and finished it about 10 minutes ago – it is 9:26 am.  I am heading for bed but thought I would throw this review in any way.

Let me just say, right off the bat, that the problem here is me – not Dean Koontz.  My feelings about certain books are well-known – I don’t like books about wars, zombies, vampires, devils, demons, angels, and child abuse/molestation.  I have no interest in these topics – never have and never will.

This book is about demons and is like that Denzel Washington movie years ago about how a demon passes from one person to another, killing people.  I don’t remember the movie’s name though my coworker and I were just talking about it two hours ago.  I won’t give that movie the time of day – nor do I watch Devil’s Advocate for the same reason – I don’t do demons.

Had I known when I read the excerpt about the book that it was about a demon, not a ghost, I would never have bought it but it was passed off as the ultimate “ghost” story.  Sorry, it was a dismal failure at anything ghost-like.

In the movie “Tightrope” a woman tells Clint Eastwood “There is a darkness in all of us.  Some battle it successfully, some embrace it and the rest of us walk the tightrope in between” or something to that effect.  I believe this to be as true as Nietzsche’s “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

My point being that I do believe in monsters and that darkness in us all.  I believe there has to be a yang to be a yin and light for there to be darkness.  I do not believe in demons – I think we label things we don’t understand so as to take away their mystery because humans hate things they can’t explain. 

I am disappointed in this book – had high hopes it would be a great, unexplainable mystery but, alas, it is just another book about a demon coming across decades to get the human who ‘got away”.  A boy defeated the demon by killing the human the demon possessed after the human had butchered the rest of the boy’s family.  The demon wanted to wait until the boy had grown into a man with a family of his own so that it could torture them and “win” this time by killing the man too.

Of course the demon fails once again and trots back off to hell to do whatever it is demons do in hell.   As I walked the dogs this morning, I decided (once again) that I would have to write my own ghost story so it could go the way I want for a change.  I actually have a ghost one started but can’t seem to find the time to write on it.  I also have my own monster stories started but they need a lot of work – not that I expect any of them to see the light of day beyond my little world – maybe my sister would read one too…who knows. 

Overall, I don’t think I’d recommend this book to anyone else.  I love Dean Koontz – he was the first “sci-fi” type book I had ever read – but I do have to admit I prefer his earlier works like Whispers, Watchers, Midnight, etc.


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