Bye Bye Blackbird

In a strange twist at weirdness, perhaps a “Birds” moment even, thousands – 3,000 or more – red-winged blackbirds fell dead from the dark skies over Beebe, Arkansas during the NYE fireworks.  Experts are saying the rockets baked the birds who happened to be flying by enjoying the nice night air.  Birds landed on roof tops, in fields, in streets, and left the town with a unique cleanup job.

I have to say, when I read the initial headline I thought the article might be funny but it was sad.  Once again it shows how senseless acts by humans effects nature in a negative way.  Yes, they are fireworks – yes we’ve had fireworks around since the birth of our nation – but maybe it is time to find ways to make fireworks environmentally friendly.  I think everyone would have found something like the Waltzing Waters in FL just as exciting as poppers in the sky.

Blackbirds are small birds – think of what might have happened if it had been a flock of geese.


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