Am still tired

I slept from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm – quite a long time for me really.  Usually I take an allergy pill when I go to bed which helps me sleep as it cites “marked drowsiness” on the box.  I think being so extra tired made the drug work even better for I hardly woke up at all.

Really don’t know what woke me when I did wake up – I know I woke up and reached for my phone but it wasn’t going off, no alarm was set, no one was calling.  Then I noticed it was dark outside so I checked the time and it was 5:22.  I thought I’d get up at 6pm then but the dogs wouldn’t hear of it – I had raised my head from the pillow so it was time to get up to meet their needs.

I let them out for a few moments to go potty – they really want a walk and had it been earlier, I would have given them one but as it was late enough that I will be going to work shortly.  No point walking them now when they will need it again in a couple hours.  I have a limit on how many walks I am willing to do in 14 degree weather with 11 mph winds.  By the time 9pm rolls around, it will likely be 8 or 9 degrees but they have to be walked directly before they spend time in the kennel.

Really should go get signed up for the wellness center before work but I don’t feel like it.  Maybe I will walk on the treadmill here at home.


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