So yesterday I went to Starbucks for a cup of coffee – spent $5.  The coffee was horrible – I couldn’t drink it.  It was suppose to be a vanilla latte but there was a hint of carmel and creme brulee in it too so I think the person making it didn’t wipe the spigot between the different kinds of coffee. 

So I tried to make a cup of coffee when I got home but my coffee pot did the same thing it did a few weeks ago – it blew up sending coffee grounds into the coffee and all over the counter top.  I wasn’t a happy camper.  So on my way into work I saw the sign at MacDonalds that said “Try our new lattes” or something to that effect.  I remembered one of my coworkers telling me that MacDonald’s had pretty good coffee so I went through the drive-thru.

The lady did not ask me if I wanted whipped cream and it never occurred to me that they did that.  After I pay at the first window, I get to the second one in time to see the person finish the coffee up with so much whipped cream that it came oozing out of the lid opening when she put the lid on.  It grossed me out.  I couldn’t even take a drink, there was so much whipped cream everywhere.  I threw that coffee away.

So decided to stop at Kum and Go for one of their coffees.  I am not a big fan of theirs but it is better than nothing.  The stuff is quite hot so I usually have to let it cool down before I drink it.  Put it in the cup holder and headed to work.  After making a turn, my leg suddenly felt on fire – sure enough, the hot coffee had tipped all over my leg, soaking into my pants and burning my leg.  It was a good thing I had an extra pair of pants in my locker – I didn’t want to have to wear sticky pants all night.

My coworker went and got me a cup of coffee from Starbucks this morning and while it was good, it still wasn’t as good as I’ve had from there before.  I am wondering if they have recently changed how they make the coffee – like putting less vanilla in it to save money or something.  They had to do something to get three bad cups of coffee from there in the past three days.  I went on my way home a few days ago and it was bad then too – I couldn’t even taste the vanilla in it.

So once again I am swearing off Starbucks.  It costs too much money to end up not liking what I get.  I figured I spent nearly $15 on coffee I didn’t drink – that is 5 lbs of coffee and 3 bottles of creamer.  Need to buy a thermos so I can start taking my own with me – I have a car cup which works great but it isn’t enough to make it through an 8 or 10 hour shift.  {sigh}  I didn’t have all these problems when I drank soda.  Maybe I’ll have to give up coffee and go back to soda…


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