Darkness Under the Sun

This a novella from Dean Koontz that relates to the last book I read of his “What the Night Knows”.  I have to mention, the novella is only 47 pages long which I found very disappointing and can’t help wonder why they didn’t put it as an epilogue of sorts at the end of the book.  Of course, the novella came out first so it was meant to whet your appetite for the book – I read them in reverse.

The novella cost me $1.50 at B&N so it wasn’t an exorbitant cost by any means but I am disappointed it ended.  It also gave me a better appreciation of the book itself so I would have to say it was better than I first credited it for.  Guess I should have read this first but I didn’t know it had anything to do with the book.

So my recommendation is that, if you want to read the book, you start with the 47 page novella first and then move on to the book.


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