Life or Something Like It

Tonight I woke up with the thought that I’m not living life, it is just something that resembles it.  Not sure what brought the thought to mind but it made me feel sad and down.  Now, two hours later, I still feel sad and down.

Now I sit here wondering how am I going to change things?   Damn it – I’m so sick of things.  I know we all live quiet lives of desperation – of wanting things we shouldn’t have; of wishing things were better for our families and ourselves; etc., etc., etc.  I’m so tired of it.

No, of course that doesn’t mean I am suicidal or depressed – how many people walk around thinking the same god damn thing? Millions upon millions.  That is how the whole saying of “quiet lives of desperation” came about – enough people have them to make it a cliché.

What about excitement? What about helping more people? What about adrenaline? What about making a difference? What about LIVING LIFE? Ugh.


4 thoughts on “Life or Something Like It

  1. you sound depressed to me!
    in Shawshank Redemption there was one of the prisoners who said “Get busy living or get busy dying”
    what is your passion?
    what do you want to do most?
    Figure that out and take the steps to do it.
    Do not let anything stand in your way of that.
    Make it a main focus!!!!

    hang in there sis!

  2. Of course I sound depressed to you – any time I voice any dissatisfaction with life you say I’m depressed yet you do it all the time in your blog. I am not depressed, I have been contemplating life and re-evaluating things.

  3. oh so sorry!
    Excuse me for caring!!!
    I will keep my thoughts on your low moments to myself from now on!

  4. That isn’t what I meant and you know it. I was just pointing out that I wasn’t depressed, merely contemplating life as you also do. Didn’t mean to upset you or make you mad – of course I want your comments and thoughts silly.

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