The good word

We have come to my days off – yippee.  Really, I say “yippee” but I don’t feel it.  I like my job and I have nothing planned for the weekend so it may make it rather boring.  However, I’m determined to do some fun things – one being joining the gym so I can get back into a workout routine.  I am pretty much giving up spinning class but still plan to spin on my own.  I’m going to concentrate more on the elliptical and weights because spinning isn’t targeting the muscle groups I need.

I also plan on joining the wellness center but not this month I don’t think.  I think I will get going in a routine at the Core first and then add swimming and jogging at the wellness center.  I have to find my swimsuit anyway and that requires going through boxes of crap that was too important to leave behind in FL.

I have to admit, I have been missing FL a tad bit lately.  Miss my condo, the walks on the beach, taking Baxter to the wonderful dog-friendly trails, etc., etc.  I didn’t like many things about it though – the economy being the biggest thing.

I’m thinking I will cook myself some breakfast here in a bit as I’m rather hungry.  Probably need a nap too.  I had a thought a little bit ago that seemed important but it has escaped my brain now…yep, I’m tired.


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