Wow, really?

My son and I went to Yogi Bear today – I was amazed to find out that matinée prices are now $9 per person!! I won’t be going to many more movies, that is for damn sure.  Then we got our usual drinks and nachos to the wonderful tune of $22.50…seriously!  They need to stop spending so much on making movies and in pay for the actors so the movies can be cheaper.  They are pricing the average person out of the movie experience and more people are getting used to watching their big screen tv’s at home.

Another bad thing about the rising cost is that this town already is very limited in what entertainment opportunities it offers – remove the theaters and there is nothing left but hanging out at the bars.  I know that whole “priceless” thing is going around and yes, the time spent with my son is priceless but you add all that together plus dinner and you are talking about an easy $60 for two to three hours of fun. 

Still, had a wonderful time with my son today – we laughed so hard in Yogi and had a good time visiting.  For being as starving as I was, I couldn’t eat my whole sandwich but then, neither could he.   We ate at Mickey’s downtown – first time I’ve been there.  🙂


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