State Budgets

I just read an article on how every state is millions, some billions, of dollars over budget this year which they said will result in massive job cuts.  They are talking cuts in education, all community programs and public safety.  Unemployment rates will skyrocket as more businesses layoff or go belly up. 

So let’s see, the plan is to make more people be out of work, have no money coming in because they will cut unemployment and welfare, and then there will be less police, fire and rescue units around to combat the growing crime.  Yeah, that makes so much sense.  Why aren’t we taxing the rich more? How can Texas have a billion dollar plus deficit when it has the richest oil companies in the US there making millions of profits each year? 

More people will go bankrupt, more loans will go unpaid leaving banks unstable, more angry mobs, less educated students, and no one minding the store down at the local police station.  OK, well…itsn’t it great to live in America? We’ve talked about how another country could take us over because of the way we outsource everything – guess we will see that come closer to a reality this year.  Time to pay the piper – though you can bet our elected officials give themselves raises this year.  Ugh – I hate politics.

So tonight I’ve been trying to think of where I can make additional budget cuts to try to get a savings account going as I don’t want to end up losing what little I have.  I’m going to cut the home phone and not join the Core.  The last thing is making me very upset because I love that place but that is an additional $52 a month that I could save.  As much as I don’t think I will like the wellness center, I have to go there instead.

OK, this movie I’m watching is just plain stupid and these people deserve to all die because they are unable to do even think of basic survival issues to save themselves.  Like running out of their house to their car and then thinking “oh damn, where are the keys?”  If you are going to escape to your car, probably need your car keys and I’d think that would be one of the things on the “list” of things to grab: flashlight (check), cell phone (check), fanny pack of first aid (check), car keys…yeah, um maybe the car will start without them.

Oh wait, let’s take the gun!! Oh shoot, do you think the monster will be scared if I wave it at him in a menacing sort of way because I forgot the bullets.  Wait! The monster is closing in – do you really think we should be having sex now? Yeah, watching all our friends get torn apart by the big thug was soooo arousing but maybe we should wait until…oh damn, there is the monster…run!

How cool is it that it is pouring rain but yet NO ONE is getting wet…I love it! Not their hair, not their clothes, not their faces, nothing! Wow, it is damn amazing!  Hell, not even the ground is getting wet…that rain must be evaporating when it gets 8 ft from the ground!  Oh shit, where did that monster go now?  Ugh.  I know you are wondering why I am watching such a stupid movie to begin with.  Well, it said it was a great monster story focusing on a family of yeti who decide to terrorize a mountain community.  It has Dee Wallace in it for heaven’s sake so it has to be halfway decent…doesn’t it?  Sure she was in the first four minutes and not again the ENTIRE movie…they forgot to mention that.  Damn, I have such a headache!!!


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