Bennie the Turd

So Bennie has been being such a little shit lately.  I swear he does it on purpose and then gives me those wide innocent eyes whenever I call him on his misdeeds.  Earlier I went to the bathroom and when I came out, he had climbed up on the end table to get to the kleenex.  In just those few minutes, he managed to shred several and had them around the living room.  He had a piece hanging from his mouth but yet tried to pass it off as if he were totally innocent.

He was trying to appear nonchalant a bit ago but he couldn’t fool me – he was stalking Isabel.  He acts like he doesn’t notice her until she is within jumping distance.  Of course, she is always ready for him and while it probably annoys her, he thinks it is a fabulous game.

Took him outside and he streaks to the end of his leash sending me into a tree – then turns around and trots back wondering why I am taking so long to get him to his favorite peeing spot.  He is a classic stinker.

When he was a puppy it was cute the way he never wanted me out of his sight – but now he is going on three and it has long ceased to amuse me.  Several times he gets in front of me but then pauses to look back to make sure I’m still following him – his sudden stops make me trip over myself trying to stop before I crush him underfoot.  He just sits there wagging his tail – oblivious that he almost became a dog pancake.

Right now he is laying on a pillow beside me – he looks so innocent and sweet reclining there…


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