I wish I was able to retain more memory wise but I don’t.  I was telling a coworker about a case Sarasota had back in the late 90’s.  She knew immediately the case I was talking about and knew the name of the victim! She even remembered way more details than I ever even knew.  The calltaker in that call was one of my trainers at the academy there in FL.  I remembered bits and pieces but that was it.  I was quite impressed with what she remembered…I told her I can’t even remember the name of the guy who died on the phone with me. 

I remember the street was Kenvil but that is all I remember other than his voice.  Truth be known, I don’t think I got his name because he died pretty quickly.  But there were other calls that I would have thought I’d remember but I haven’t – I remember some details but not as much as I should. 

My doctor told me that memory was one of the things the drug “Redux” adversely affected back in the 90’s.  They took it off the market but not before I was on it for two and a half months.   There were days I felt like I had bugs inside my skull.  Anyway, between that and depression medicine which also ruins ones memory, mine is about as terrible as can be.


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