Lost World

Just finished re-reading “Lost World” – it was a lot different from the movie, better I would say.  However, I’m not a big dinosaur fan so it wasn’t as interesting to me as it probably was to others.  I wanted a monster book and while dinosaurs aren’t really monsters, it still was the closest thing I could find to it.

Walked 2 miles on the treadmill – ran to the store and am now considering a nap.  I am tired and have to get a nap in before work so will do that now.  The dogs will want walked again before long as well – I will probably let them out for a minute on the leash and then walk them before work.

Had on “Ghost and the Darkness” again today.  Baxter was so funny – when the part of the hyena came on, he jumped on my chest banging into my head and growled at the tv.  I told him it was OK but he wouldn’t buy it – I kept pushing him off and he’d jump back on until the hyena died and the lion quit roaring.  He takes the movies so seriously – LOL.

So tonight is my last night before my days off.  I’m planning on going to meet my younger sister on Saturday with another sister.  That is the only big plan I have for my days off.

My back hurts but I think it is radiating pain from my right hip.  Every time I move, I get a sharp pain in my hip and then it goes into my back.  I am going to have to make an apt with a chiropractor I guess.


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