I remember now why I only gave the movie Mirrors two  stars – Keifer over acts in it.  It is a scary movie but his over-acting takes away from the scariness of it making it more creepy than anything.  Plus he acts so stupid – he knows there is something not right but yet he reacts exactly the same to each “incident” the haunted shopping mall throws at him.  I mean, seriously – after you start screaming because you think you are on fire but you aren’t; when you look in the mirror and see someone but turn and no one is there; when the glass cuts you but doesn’t crack…someone screaming would be just something I would ignore.  In fact, I wouldn’t even go do my patrol – I’d stay in the guard trailer the entire shift.

Had to turn off the movie – it was too ridiculous and gory to enjoy.

I have such a headache – probably lack of sleep.  I didn’t even get four hours thanks to the damn dogs.  I don’t know where this whole snorting thing has come from but it is maddening.  I’m going to Ottumwa tomorrow – no way I can stay up all night and do that so I suppose I will have to try to go back to bed later.  Ugh!

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