My leg hurts and I can’t seem to curl it up anymore like I have a habit of doing.  My leg won’t go sideways at all – my doctor said it wouldn’t but I was kind of hoping she was wrong as that is the way I like to sit on the couch.  It sure hurts like a son-of-a-bitch tonight – even with taking two pain killers. 

The dogs want to go for a walk but I can’t take them for one tonight.  I have let them go out three times now and that will have to suffice.  Baxter won’t go pooh but at least he will pee.  Yes, then I have to worry about him going pooh in the house but he went pooh earlier today so doubtful he would go again tonight anyway.  They don’t want to go out to go potty – they want to go out to see whats happening outside.  I sure wish I had a fenced in backyard so I could let them out to run around.

My son advised me that the Steelers won so now they will go to the Playoffs with the Packers.  That will be interesting.

Shouldn’t I be rich??? I’m pretty sure that I am supposed to be so need to figure out where all my money is.


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