Today is the day…

So I have many things on my list to do today including the BIG things I have been wanting to do for months now.  I keep putting things off because it means several trips to the dumpster and I’ve made excuses about it being too cold out.

Of course, my big stuff is probably little stuff to you but still – in this little apartment, it will make a difference.  I am cleaning out the closet in the bedroom, cleaning out the storage closet, moving some furniture around and sweeping walls. 

Honestly, as I sit here thinking of all the work it entails, I’m starting to make excuses on why today wouldn’t be a good day to do it.   Yes, I am a major procrastinator…I am, afterall, my mother’s daughter.  However, I am going to make myself do it because – yes! I am my father’s daughter as well!!!

I do plan on taking it easy with the furniture moving though.  My butt/leg felt fine this morning when I got up but after walking the dogs, it aches like hell again. 

Cleaning the apartment and throwing out stuff is one of the things I know will help me not get down as much.  I want a clean house like my sister has – not one that feels so cluttered.  It is hard to motivate myself to get this place that clean because no matter what I do, it gets dirty again in no time with tons of dust.  I can’t believe I need to sweep the walls and ceiling fans again already – it hasn’t even been three weeks since I did it last time!! Do you know how frustrating that is? I know my sister does because she has that at her job all the time only on a daily basis.

I really want a bigger place where I can spread out more.  Ugh!


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