Iron Lace

I just finished this book which was recommended to me by my younger sister.  It was written by Emilie Richards.

I have to say, I loved it! I don’t often read books rich in history – this one I wouldn’t have even considered if not recommended to me.  It is a tragic love story that spans three generations centered down in New Orleans. 

I’m not going to tell you what it is about until I read the sequel but I have to tell you, it is worth reading.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Iron Lace

  1. You and I have very different tastes in books but the last book you recommended (ladybug farm books) I loved loved loved! So maybe I will give this one a try too!

  2. Jade, this book is right up your alley I think! I have the sequel too – oh, and I ordered the next book in the Ladybug series if you want to borrow it. I got it in book format too so I’d have the set – it will arrive the end of February as it doesn’t hit the stands till the 22nd. Eileen wants to borrow it too – Kelsey might as well as she read the others. 🙂

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