Can’t say I’ve done anything exciting today at all – pretty much been hanging out the entire day doing nothing…absolutely nothing.  I haven’t even changed out of my pj’s – I was going to but then read that we had another freeze advisory out so decided to stay indoors all day.  I’m so sick of the damn cold weather.

The dogs are outside going potty and playing for a few minutes.  They want me to take them for a walk but they will have to do without because I’m not going back out there.  I was out this morning and my fingers were so frozen through my gloves that they were a pale white when I got inside.  They ached and tingled for over a half an hour before they started warming up.  Sorry, not doing that again – I hate being cold.  I haven’t seen them that white since I had my appendix surgery and the doctor was putting IV’s of potassium in each hand.

I was in bed around 9:30 and slept until 4pm.  Well, I was up briefly at 2:30 but decided that wasn’t near enough sleep so went back to bed.  I was having trouble sleeping anyway – couldn’t get comfortable.

I suppose it was actually closer to 10am now that I think about it because I watched a movie before going to bed.  Well, whatever, I still got at least 6 hours of sleep so that is good – not quality sleep but still, it is good.

My horrible headache from the past two days is gone though I do have a little one brewing it isn’t in my temples like it was.  I think the current one is more from my neck being so stiff than an actual headache.


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