Spent most of the day today in a drug induced stupor.  No, not illegal drugs, I would never.  I’m talking about my allergy pills that always make me feel so tired and lethargic.  I don’t take them that often because of the way I react to them but was so miserable yesterday and today that I took one on each day.  My head still aches but it is way better than it was before I took them – I felt like my head was going to explode.  I think dusting yesterday did it.

I’m trying to drink a lot of coffee now to counteract the pills before I go to work – I don’t want to feel sluggish then.  So far I’m on my fourth cup and can tell it is working.  The dogs want me to take them out for a walk – I don’t want to because I will feel worse again but what am I going to do? Can’t keep them cooped up – they need walked.  I so wish I had a place with a fenced in yard – this is a must for next year, I can’t do this again.

My next place has to be carpetless too – this stuff is horrible for my allergies – I hate carpet.  If I can’t have wood floors then give me tiled but don’t give me carpet.


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