Friday the 13th, Part…um whatever

Found another Friday the 13th I haven’t seen before so it is on now – pretty much the same as all the others but do I care? No.  My sister says I am always critical of movies and yes, I do like to point out their flaws or their stupidity.  These don’t bother me near as much as others because, quite frankly, I expect them to be stupid.  I expect the teenagers will do stupid things because that is the way teen screams are made up.

Yes, sometimes they go overboard and I have to comment on that but generally the movies I criticise are the ones who don’t live up to their hype.  I mean – if a movie is based on a true story, I expect it to be grounded in realism with facts to back it up.  If it is a documentary, I expect it to be accurate and give me a lot of useful information. 

If it is a kids film, I expect it to make me laugh like a child.  If it is a crime drama, I expect some crime and some drama…really, is it too much to ask for? The movie “A Crime” was about a crime but it failed to give us enough information on any level to actually make it worthwhile.  Seriously, not what one would expect of a crime drama.  A love story better make me feel the love or it isn’t much good either.

But anyway, I am watching it because I am bored.  I have a tuna casserole cooking in the oven to eat before work or at work – whatever I have time for.  It smells wonderful.

Someone is licking my toes…I’m guessing Baxter.  Yep, knew it.  He wants to go outside…figures.  I let them out a minute ago to go potty – I will walk them before work.

I had a new idea for a story today while I was in my stupor.  I am not sure what it will all involve but it will have a train in it.  There was more to it but I need to develop the whole thing in my head longer.

Whoa, the more the casserole cooks, the hungrier I am at the smell.


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