Machete & A Crime

Rented both of these movies yesterday and watched them tonight when I got home.  I must say they both were the WORST movies I have ever seen.  Machete was bad enough but then to put A Crime in and it be just as bad…well, I won’t be renting movies I haven’t seen in advance for a long time.

Machete had a pretty well known cast with Robert DeNiro, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Steven Segal, etc but the movie sucked very big time.  I do have to mention though that Michelle is a very pretty woman with a great body. 

A Crime is about a woman who wants to help her neighbor get over the fact that his wife’s murderer was never caught so she can have a relationship with him.  So she picks out a person, seduces him and sets him up knowing that the neighbor will kill him.  The neighbor attempts to do just that but fails miserably.  The man comes back to take the girl and tries to make her love him. 

Of course, predictably, we find that the man she picked was the actual killer of her neighbors wife so there is total justification when the girl finally stabs him with rebar she finds along side the roadway.  

We never find out why he killed the neighbors wife – he apparently picked her up in a cab, raped and murdered her.  We also never understand why he quit killing – the woman’s death had been three years ago so what prompted him to kill just that once? I dunno, it left a lot of things to be desired.


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