Went to see this movie tonight – I thought it sounded like it might be good and it was really all there was out there to see that interested me.

The movie is about a team of cave divers who are trying to find a route to the ocean through a cave system.  Why? Who cares, right?  People who cave dive are insane so one can’t expect them to have a real reason other than “because its there” which has to be the most asinine one I’ve ever heard.

Must say, I had the entire group pegged in no time as far as how they died and who would panic.  The female that I was most perturbed about was the second one because she was supposed to be a climbing expert who was on an an expedition that climbed Everett.  She also said in the beginning that when someone becomes injured or disabled, you have to leave them and go on.  Yet she panics when her hair gets caught in a cam and cuts herself free which, unfortunately, also cuts the rope that is holding her.  She also refused to wear a dead woman’s wetsuit even though the other divers told her she would suffer hypothermia down there…rather stupid.

The underwater caverns were fantastic – I will give the movie that.  You could never pay me enough to go down into a cave like that – especially not one with water only access.  I am totally fine seeing pictures someone else takes of such fantastic sites.    Really was amazing. 

Actually, caves that big kind of make me wonder what I’m stepping on when I walk across the lawn – could there be undiscovered caves under the ground? Scary.


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