Another one

So today was another totally beautiful day outside – I slept through most of it.  When I did get up at 3pm, I took the dogs for a mile long walk to get them out and so I could get some time to enjoy it.  If I had gotten up earlier I would have gone for a drive to see what kind of pictures I could have taken but sleep was more important.

Still feel a bit groggy thanks to an allergy pill but I had to take it – couldn’t breathe when I got home.  The weather channel says allergens are almost non-existent outdoors so why am I having such an allergic reaction every time I go outside? Am all stuffed up and have a headache from taking the dogs on the walk – it is very frustrating.  I suppose I should look into other daytime allergy pills – see if I can find one that doesn’t make me feel so tired.


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