I’m not going to anymore

I’ve decided, after washing dishes yet again, that I’m not going to cook anymore other than soup.  I hate doing dishes and while I don’t want to contribute to the massive garbage problem in the US by using paper plates, I am tempted to do so.  Still, I’m tired of having to clean the kitchen – tired of dirty dishes, tired of the stove top getting drops on it, tired of it all so this is it, I’m done.

I need to clean out my refrigerator too and throw things away – clean it out and leave it nearly empty.  Going to get more fruits and veggies I can eat raw or in the juicer.  I don’t eat leftovers and just cleaned out my freezer which was full of leftovers I will never eat.  I waste food like you wouldn’t believe so if I stop cooking, that will cease as well.  I feel bad throwing out leftovers but I really won’t eat them. 

Yes, this may mean eating out more – I will choose healthier places to do that – but I won’t be spending $200+ in groceries so that should absorb some of the extra cost.  Plus a lot of the places one eats out gives one way too much food so can always use it for a second lunch…yes, I know that is considered “leftovers” but it depends on the food. 

I went out for breakfast this morning at Perkins.  I couldn’t even eat half of the food they served me – I brought the excess home for the dogs who gobbled it up.  Kinds of food I could split and eat again later are mostly salads but pasta stuff too.

Right now I am at that stage again where everything I eat makes my stomach upset.  This comes around every couple of months and while I know the cause of it, I don’t want to share all that info here.  Suffice it to say, when I get to this point, I have to watch what I am doing or I am miserable.  I was miserable after pizza last night – I won’t be ordering that again for a very long time.


2 thoughts on “I’m not going to anymore

  1. Hey! We just bought a juicer and I’m in the process of cleaning up our eating habits (not sure how your brother will like almond milk in his tea…..). I feel what you’re saying, about being tired of it all. I’ve just read the book by Kris Carr (Crazy Sexy Diet), and it’s the first book about being healthy that I’ve read that made me WANT to be healthy, that didn’t make me feel guilty. Here’s to being happy without the pizza 🙂 Take care!

  2. Thanks Chantal! I have to say, I hated the Almond milk in my coffee…haven’t tried soy milk yet but am considering it. I love my juicer – don’t use it as much as I should because produce is so expensive. Thanks for the book tip – I will read it as I, too, have never found a book on eating healthy that didn’t seem impossible to follow or make me feel guilty. 🙂

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