Yesterday I made a broccoli and carrot breakfast juice which was actually pretty good though it didn’t give me a ton of energy as I had hoped it would.  Today I made a spinach, broccoli and carrot juice which was also not bad. 

I must admit, I am drinking half a cup of hot tea to get a tidbit of caffeine in.  Have such a horrid headache which I think is due to withdrawals and allergies.  Figured I’d try a little caffeine and go from there.

Have a list of things I need to get done today – workout, clean, laundry, Walmart, get groceries, etc.  I may treat myself to a smoothie at the Core for lunch – a fruity one since I just had a veggie drink.

Right now, before I do anything else, I am going to go take a hot shower.  I was going to try to sit in the steam room again but I don’ think I’ll ever get comfortable in there – it feels too claustrophobic. I think some hot steam would clear up my sinus problem though so will shower instead.


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