My sinks were clogged for a couple days though I put two bottles of Liquid Plumber down them and spent over 3 hours plunging.  Dishes were piled high and everything was such a mess.

My shoulders, neck, arms, elbows, upper back and hands hurt from all the plunging.  Even had to crawl under the sink, take apart the pipes and put it all back together again.

Had finally given up – couldn’t take it anymore – and went into the living room to recoup when I heard the sinks gurgle.  Sure enough, they were finally clear and running again.  I had heard a gurgle the other day when the things clogged so I’ve come to dread hearing it but was glad it was a good gurgle this time.

Have been getting all the dishes washed & put away – which started the cleaning craze which resulted in the kitchen floor being swept/washed, trash being taken out, massive clean of my desk top, and dusting.  I still have a lot to do but it is getting late. 

I have about 45 minutes till I have to leave for work.  I need to walk the dogs, shower and all that good stuff.  Man I hope the night goes by fast – I’m so tired.


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