Tired and Cranky

I know I shouldn’t complain or whine – no one likes hearing that all the time, including me – but man I have such a horrible headache.  It is banging away inside my frontal lobe and base of my skull making me want to just cry.  I wish it would stop but it won’t so I’m stuck with it.

I didn’t sleep well last night – imagine that.  I have had nightmares several nights lately, thanks to werewolf and other disturbing movies.  Keep telling myself it is time to give up scary stuff but so much of the other stuff holds little interest for me.  Everything seems redundant – over done, over used, over boring.

I know that is being negative but my head hurts so badly it is hard to be positive of anything other than the pain I am in.  I’ve even turned my screen light way down because it hurt my eyes – must be a migraine.  All I can think about, all I want to do, is go home and go to bed.


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