Grizzly Park

OK, I liked this movie.  It was stupid, yet funny as hell.

A state park, aptly named Grizzly Park, takes on 8 young adults all who have had trouble with the law.   Of course there are 4 girls and 4 boys.  As the movie starts you get the idea that each of these kids are doing community service for some minor infraction they committed in society.

You have the rich boy, the hooker, the dumb brunette, the doper, the scam artist, the geek, the parent abuser, the gangsta.  I have to say, the dumb brunette was the most entertaining.

So with this group are a park ranger “Ranger Bob” and a corrections officer who really is a serial killer looking for a way to hide out in the mountains.  Ranger Bob is a no-nonsense sort of dude who is hilarious with facial expressions when the others do really stupid things like feeding a skunk.

Unbeknownst to all the people, there is also a killer grizzly in the park stalking them.  It gets the serial killer first, then one boy and one girl who wander off.  Well, the girl actually gets it from a pack of wolves but the bear gets the boy. 

Ranger Bob goes off looking for the missing duo when the bear attacks the camp where the others are hanging out telling their “real” life stories.  So, the rich kid got a 15 year old girl drunk, had sex with her while suffocating her with a plastic bag.  She was left in a coma but his daddy bought off the judge and the girl’s family so he only had to do community service.  The hooker had a rich man who paid her $5000 a night so she could keep herself in Gucci.  The doper had let his friend OD on drugs.  Parent abuser was slowing poisoning her mother so she wouldn’t keep harping on her all the time – as long as mommy had the “flu” she was able to do what she wanted.  Her mom lived but never told police on her poor misunderstood darling – instead the girl was caught shoplifting the poison.

The geek used his smarts to rip off old people’s money and medication.  He put like colored aspirin in place of the meds and, unfortunately, two elder people died as a result.  He had no remorse because “nobody cares about old people, they are just taking up space and using up our natural resources.”  The gangsta chick was just plain unlikable in her own gangster way.

So the bear gets them all and you really are rooting for the bear by the time you hear the people’s histories.  Seriously, none of them should ever have rejoined society anyway.  All that is left is the dumb brunette and Ranger Bob.

Of course, what you don’t know until the end is that “dumb” brunette is really a psychopath who was just playing at being dumb but who actually enjoyed watching everyone get eaten by the bear.  She has no feelings of sadness or even horror at people being slashed to death in front of her eyes.

Unfortunately for her, Ranger Bob, who had liked her from the start, overhears her little tirade about how people are stupid and deserve to die.  She leaves the cabin in search of him so they can leave when suddenly the bear is there and little miss not-so-dumb joins the rest of the losers.

At the end, a wonderful reporter reports that “9 adults were brutally slayed by what appeared to be a bear and none of the 9 survived the slaying.”  Um…duh.

BUT the truly great part of the ending was you see the bear coming up on Ranger Bob as he ties his shoe.  Bob turns to the camera and says “Don’t worry about me” and then tells his pet grizzly that this was it until “next year”.  I about died laughing! Here Ranger Bob had seemed so straight laced but really, he knew about the bear all along.  🙂 

I could analyse the whole thing saying Ranger Bob was Justice, the bear was the Executioner, and the rest represented the worst society had to offer up even though they appeared to be simple wayward strangers. 

I am going to have to buy this movie.


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