March 1st!

So I know I have been in a slump the past couple of months but I am starting, very slowly, to emerge from it much like the bears emerge from hibernation.  Why? Because it is March 1st finally and that means SPRING! All this cold and yuck will go away and by the end of April will be but an unpleasant memory.  Most of the months fly by but January and February DRAG so terribly for me.  I feel like I’m in “Groundhog Day” where the day stays the same for what seems like forever. 

Then March 1st comes along and I can heave a sigh of relief because the end is finally in sight.  Granted we can still get a blizzard or two but, just as FL with hurricanes, the closer we get to the end of the season, the less likely it is we will get one or that it will be that bad. 

I know that I would not be one to survive in an extremely cold place or in a dust storm (dust bowl days of Texas) for that matter.  I would go insane and become a blubbering idiot.  Christmas gets me through till the end of December but after that I find myself sinking deeper and deeper into a mindless wasteland.  I lose all interest in reading, writing, being outdoors and doing much of anything that I so enjoy during the warmer months.  I am a refugee hiding in a bomb shelter hoping no one destroys the world while I’m locked away in there.

I remember when I was in my twenties I read about a man who agreed to be locked away from society for an entire year…or maybe it was four years.  They had it all set up so he was locked in a room and supplies were sent in by a lazy susan.  He could  request whatever he wanted but he couldn’t see another human being, watch tv and they didn’t have computers back then.  He had a difficult time adjusting but eventually taught himself the piano along with other things that improved himself.

I remember thinking there is no way in hell I could or would ever do that.  No, I am not a social butterfly that needs to constantly be around people and my calendar remains mostly empty – BUT I want to be have the option of being around others whenever I feel like it.  I couldn’t be locked away from human contact and knowing what was going on in the world.  Not to mention it would be claustrophobic because he had no windows or anything.  Ugh.  Makes me shudder thinking about it.

Anyway, March appears to be coming in like a lamb which means it will go out like a lion – but by that time we should be talking thunderstorms which I absolutely love.  Yes, it is also the month of my birthday so I’m already partial to the month but it is so much more than that.  March is the beacon that guides us out of the frozen wasteland into the time of rebirth.

Thank goodness it has finally arrived!!!!


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