Old Daydreams

I was surprised to find old daydreams popping up in my mind lately.  I am not sure what has brought them back but they are there none-the-less.  It is surprising because I have been thinking about moving to tropical islands the past couple of months so to have this one back which involves living my years out here in Iowa is a sheer contradiction to the other daydreams I entertain.

The daydream involves the old historical home that I have always loved out on Sand Road.  I wrote several posts about it back in early July when the house sold after being on the market for months.  Though I wanted it terribly, I could not afford the $250,000 they were asking for it and even the final price of $230,000 was way out of my price range.

My sister and I went to tour the house on 7/19/2010 and I fell even more in love with it.  I vowed if I was ever rich, I would pay up to $500,000 for it and another $500,000 for the house behind it so I could have the entire property to myself.

Back when that parcel was first bought, the McCollester Farmstead was over 600 acres.  Now it has been parceled out so much that it is down to about 2 acres with the one house and another 1.5 acre with the other house more recently built.  I would restore the historical home and use the other one as a guesthouse. 

This house calls to me and I feel as though we are somehow connected through time.  Granted it is the “house on the hill” that overlooked our little house by the river during my informative years.  I would look up at it wondering who lived in that mansion and whether they were kind.  Since my childhood, I had always wanted to see inside the house which, as I said, I finally got to do. 

I read a book (Someone in the House) a few weeks ago about a house that was alive enough to love its owners.  The house was magically able to make their dreams come true and wanted them to stay to the point of being possessive.  I don’t think, of course, that houses can be alive but I do believe they have a certain chemistry and energy which can be more attuned to certain people with like energy.  If so, this house and I are connected on this sci-fi plain.

Wish I could buy it…


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