Cope, Coppa, Coppacabana…

Feel sick tonight – was fine when I went to bed but woke up feeling sick.  I am sure I will be better by time to go to work which is fast approaching.  Am afraid to make green juice – afraid my stomach won’t be able to keep it down but yet, I need to drink some.

Really am quite tired yet too – gonna have to buy some caffeine on the way to work.  I am not sure in what form as tea is giving me heartburn but the lemonade I buy doesn’t have any caffeine in it. 

The dogs were driving me nuts – can’t wait till I have a yard someday to let them out while I sleep.  They are better now because I gave them bones to chew on so they are working on those.  I froze the bones first so it would take them longer to get the marrow out – it didn’t work but at least they are being quiet now as they polish the bones up.  It is amazing how clean they can get the bones both inside and out.  I buy them oxtail bones which are meant for stews – they love them.


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