Wow, stomach punch

Alright, my supervisor has mentioned several times in passing that I use my vacation time up as fast as I accrue it – I just shrugged it off.  However, I just checked my accrual and I’ve worked here 3 years but have 14 hours saved up in vacation.  14 hours!! So obviously he is quite correct in his saying that.

Because of that, I am cancelling all the vacation I requested off for this year.  I’m not going to take one until my hours are up over 100.  We can only have 192 on the books so maybe I will even wait until I am that high.  I was stunned – seriously stunned.  I take 2 hours here and there not realizing how fast they were draining dry my accrual.  I’m more than stunned, I’m flabbergasted and a bit ashamed.

I love my job – I don’t mind coming to work most nights and try to get along with everyone I work with.  I hate the 10 hour days we work so have been using up 16 hours of vacation each month to make my 10’s only 8’s.  What a waste of vacation time!! What an idiot!

Well, now that I have come to realize this, there will be no vacation days this year.  I will see if they allow me to put some OT towards comp but I heard they were thinking about getting rid of comp – but that would let me take the one short vacation to Wyoming my sister and I were talking about going (require 2 days off work).

Once I hit 240 sick leave hours – which I’m close to – I can start trading 12 hours of sick leave for 4 hours of vacation which would help me build vacation up further.  I was against this idea because you trade in 3 times as much as you get out – but maybe that isn’t a bad idea afterall.  When we quit we get paid out vacation but not sick leave – NOT that I plan on quitting anytime soon.

I have heartburn now from the stress of it.

2 thoughts on “Wow, stomach punch

  1. I was just thinking about this earlier and how new people starting at any job really can’t really take vacation because of how slowly it accrues and how fast it goes when you use it. But then again…having a full time job might be worth it?! lol

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