Don’t Know

Someone asked me today what I saw myself doing in twenty years and after retirement.  People rarely ask me that and she seemed surprised by my answer – obviously she is not a reader of my blog or she would have known.  She asked me why I never talk about the things I plan – well, people rarely ask me for one and two is the more people who know, the more to witness my failure if I don’t make it happen. 

So where do I see myself? As I have said a hundred times, I want to live out in the country in a nice house with several fireplaces.  It should have a library with built-in shelves; at least three bedrooms; a breakfast nook for morning; a huge kitchen with every major appliance; skylights; wrap around porch; three season room; large fenced in yard for the dogs; a large garden for veggies and one for flowers; a zen garden with paths, a koi pond, a fountain and lots of plants to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, cardinals, etc.

I want a gazebo surrounded by a moat that has fish in it; an area of trees to walk around in; a hot tub; a current pool thingy; and lots of space to roam.  The house has to have internet and all that good stuff – I would be happy if it were powered either via solar panels or wind. 

I want the money to be able to travel whenever I want to wherever I want. 

Who do I want to be? I want to be someone who is environmentally friendly, who works at conserving wildlife thru donations and whatever other ways I can.  I want also to be able to go to Haiti to see the people there and do whatever I can to help them.

Yes, I want to be published as well.  There is more but I need to go to bed so that is all for now.  I might have to get dressed and walk over to the vet clinic to get some flea stuff – just saw a flea on my arm a minute ago.  I am pretty sure that is what it was.  Maybe I need to call an exterminator.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Know

  1. I think in twenty years you will be a wonderful grandmother, spoiling your grandchildren. You will have your country house with a garden and lots of flowers and you will be proud of the things you’ve written….as much as I worry about my future, I think you do the same. And I see you doing great things.

    By the way..actually wrote in my blog today. First time in months. Felt good.

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